Winterplace is an exhilarating resort to visit when you’d like to hit those slopes. Both lessons and free skiing are offered on all of the hills. However, one of the dilemmas that is brought to visitors’ minds is whether or not they should buy or rent their skis for the trip. Owning skis, and bringing them with you during the trip might seem practical, but it can be costly. Not only that, but trying to fit them in the vehicle for the trip might also prove to be difficult. Choosing Winterplace ski rentals can not only solve your problems, but provide a way to use skis, try out the slopes and give them back so there is no extra luggage, or baggage charges.

Renting Skis from Winterplace

 Winterplace offers rental packages for those that wish to rent right from the resort itself. While they are competitive in their pricing, you may be able to find discounts and offers from other ski rental stores in the surrounding area. An adult ski rental starts at $35 for a full day and around $26.50 for a half day. A junior or child rental costs $26.50 for a full day and $17.50 for half days. Helmets are just $5 for a day while snowboards are a separate charge. Winterplace ski rentals are handy to have when you’d like to stay in the resort, but may be a bit more expensive than other options.

 Things to Keep in Mind for Your Rentals

 The Winterplace ski rentals should be safety checked, high quality, not damaged, and the right size. Sizing should be done no matter where the ski rentals are being provided to ensure safety for the skier. Many ski products being offered are well-known, name brand products such as Leki, Under Armour, Mountain Hardwear, Scott, Columbia, Nordica, and Marker.

Don’t forget to pack your warmest clothes and some pairs of ski socks to keep your feet nice and snug inside the boots that you choose from the Winterplace ski rentals. This will also help to keep your feet dry and comfortable during your ski. Having proper boot fitting over the socks can also ensure safety and stability.

 Renting Off of Winterplace Resort

Five different stores within the Winterplace resort area services five different resorts, to provide a selection of quality Winterplace ski rentals to those that come to visit. Basic ski packages start at $27 per weekday and $31 per weekend day for adults and juniors. The Sport Ski packages provided in the Winterplace ski rentals start at $31 per weekday and $35 per weekend day. The highest package, the demo ski in adult starts at $37 for a weekday and $41 for a weekend.

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