Timberline Four Seasons Resort in West Virginia provide everyone with a way to spend the day, weekend or an entire week having a good time. With many slopes to choose from, and even more to offer for lodging, it is a great family vacation spot. However, saving cash during the vacation is something that needs to be done. Consider leaving your ski gear at home, and skip paying those high prices to bring it with you. Obtain Timberline Four Seasons Resort ski rentals for a more affordable rate, instead of packing everything up and bringing it.

Discounts That You Can Make Use of

 Booking in advance is highly recommended to find the best discounts for Timberline Four Seasons Resort ski rentals. We can provide you with a way to save additional cash while hitting the slopes and making the most of your time within the resort. Enjoy deeper discounts. Of course, if you’re unable to book so far in advance, check out the other ways you can save money by choosing the right Timberline Four Seasons Resort ski rentals.

One of the best ways to obtain a discount for the Timberline Four Seasons Resort ski rentals is to choose to rent from a nearby facility. Timberline Four Seasons Resort ski rentals start at just $19 for the whole day for adults. If you’re searching nearby facilities to rent from during your time on the mountain, expect to pay $26 to $30 for the day from Skibarn, or $25 per day from Driftland. Each provides a slight discount of $4 off per day for every day thereafter that the rental is needed. While one of the best considerations to look into, it might not always be the best, such as in this situation where Timberline provides a more affordable fee.

 Additional Ski Rental Pointers

 Wool socks and helmets are the two most recommended products to have with you when you hit the slopes. Socks can be purchased right from the shop, or brought with you. They should be thicker, warmer and provide wicking support. This will keep your feet warm, stable and dry while going down the slopes. Helmets are also essential for going down the slopes. Safety should always come first, for anyone new and old to skiing. Helmets can be purchased from the rental shops for an additional charge.

Enjoy all that the slopes offer, and don’t forget to save cash. Additional savings can be found in ski and stay packages that are always being offered. You’re able to obtain lift tickets in addition to your lodging accommodations.

Ski Rental Companies by Timberline Four Seasons Resort:

 Driftland Ski and Sport: https://www.driftlandski.com/rentals/

Skibarn – http://www.skibarn.net/packages-and-pricing