Skiing and exploring the mountains at Snowshoe Mountain is a fun way to get away for the winter. With 57 different trails, there’s always something to do or see at the location. If you’re trying to figure out how to cut your costs, you’re likely already looking into ways to save on rentals. Renting at the location is one way to lower your expenses versus buying, but you can save even more by finding Snowshoe Mountain ski rentals before you reach the resort.

Finding Affordable Ski Packages

While you’ll notice that the resort offers special deals throughout the skiing season, many of these deals aren’t all that affordable. Instead you can save more by renting before you ever make your way to the resort. As long as you have space to hold your skis, you can grab your Snowshoe Mountain ski rentals offsite for less and bring them with you to the mountain. Not only will you save some cash by doing this, but you’ll avoid the long lines of renters all trying to get their gear at the same place. That’s a huge side bonus that makes the savings that much sweeter.

There are several nearby locations that offer Snowshoe Mountain ski rentals, but if you can’t find one, or you can’t be bothered to transport the equipment yourself, at least make sure that you order your equipment in advance before you get to the mountain. By securing a rental in advance you’ll cut your costs considerably and save more than you could have with any other method. You should rent from any nearby locations in advance as well, because most non-resort shops also offer discounts for rentals booked before the big day. It’s easier for these companies to manage their rentals when they’re booked this way, which is why they offer such favorable discounts.

We can help you get the best deals on Snowshoe Mountain ski rentals, and in most cases, save you up to 20 percent off your gear. By booking online with us, you save both money and time. You will never have to risk standing in line only to find out they do not have your size available. You can just grab your gear and head right for the slopes.

Prepare with Some Equipment of Your Own

It’s also important to make sure you have some equipment of your own before you head off to your big trip. A good sturdy helmet is something that every seasoned skier or boarder should have already. Helmets are affordable enough to be worth purchasing before your trip instead of renting. As long as you use it a few times, it will more than pay for itself and you’ll have it to use for all future trips as well.

You should also make sure you have a good hat, gloves and skiing socks. Skiing socks are designed to enhance your comfort and to keep your feet warm while out on the mountain. Take the time to prepare properly before leaving home and you’ll be safer and you’ll save money paying for everything you need by the Snowshoe Mountain ski rental locations.

The following list covers ski rental shops around Snowshoe Mountain

The Ski Barn

Elk River

Route 66 Snowboard and Ski Shop