Canaan Valley in West Virginia is a beautiful area to spend some time and ski. When trying to save some extra cash on your trip, skip having to pay the fees to bring along the skis and other gear with you, and look into Canaan Valley ski rentals that can provide you with additional discounts. Whether renting from the resort itself, or choosing to go with a company nearby the mountain; both can prove to provide lower costs as compared to paying to bring all of your skiing gear with you.

Discounts That You Can Make Use of

 If you’re able to book in advance, then speak with us ahead of time. We can provide additional information on ways to save money on your trip. Whether you’re looking for Canaan Valley ski rentals, or just want to save some cash when you ski and stay, we have multiple packages offered throughout the year. However, if you’re not able to book in advance, use these other ways to obtain discounted Canaan Valley ski rentals.

Obtaining Canaan Valley ski rentals directly from the mountain shop costs $20 for a whole day for an adult to use. The helmets can be purchased separately. However, when choosing rentals from nearby shops, expect to pay $26, and every day thereafter it becomes cheaper. A helmet, as well as delivery to and from the mountain is provided for all of the gear from Skibarn. If going with Canaan Valley ski rentals from Driftland Ski and Sport, expect to pay $25 per day, with every day going down thereafter. With this in mind, it might be ideal to go with the Canaan Valley ski rentals right from the mountain.

 Additional Ski Rental Pointers

 There are additional consideration to keep in mind when going on a skiing vacation. Helmets are an important aspect that everyone should consider. Whether they come with the package, or an additional cost; it is well worth it to obtain the helmet that is able to protect your head on the slopes. Whether a beginner or an advanced skier, it is especially important to put your safety first when hitting the slopes.

Thick ski socks are essential, and whether or not you have them; they can also be purchased right from the rental shop. They can provide a way to protect your feet while wearing the ski boots, keep your feet warm and wick away any moisture from your feet that can cause blisters and other issues. These socks are ideal to have and recommended by even the most professional of skiers.

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