A Better Way to Find Your West Virginia Ski Rentals

It’s very rare for a ski trip to be foiled by a lack of equipment. All four resorts have equipment onsite available for all to rent. However, before you pay resort prices for skis, consider some of the easy ways you can save money on your gear. Don’t dismiss the amount of the potential savings, either. As an example of how much you can save on your West Virginia ski rentals, if you’re skiing Snowshoe, expect to pay $45 per day at the resort counter. However, by reserving in advance, the resort will knock the price down to $35 per day. For an even greater discount, you can rent from the Ski Barn and only pay $30 per day for the very same rental. That’s a significant amount to save, especially over a weeklong ski-cation.

Money-Saving Tips

Get your West Virginia ski rentals by reserving your gear before you get to the slopes. Unless you’re braving the backcountry roads in winter with a compact car, you should be able to find some way to get skis in the vehicle. If you’re bringing a family or group of friends with you, it might make sense to bring a larger vehicle or even to travel convoy-style.

It’s also best to book at least two weeks in advance, to not only save the most money, but also ensure you get the gear you want. By providing personal sizing information, you should be able to just swing by the shop, pick up your rental reservations, and be on your way to the mountain. Even if you don’t have the vehicle to haul the equipment up to the base area, there may be ski-and-stay packages and rental coupons that combine the convenience of the resort with competitive pricing.

Resort Equipment vs. Shop Equipment

Here’s a question we hear a lot: What’s the difference between the skis you get at the resort and the one you get at the local rental shop? Most of the time, the answer is that there isn’t a difference, really. The model or manufacturer of the ski may change, but there isn’t a big difference between a basic Rossignol and a basic Burton ski anyway. What matters about your West Virginia ski rentals is that you get a solid fit at a reasonable price.

Speaking of saving money, if you’re planning to ski more than ten days in your life, you should buy a ski helmet instead of renting one. The average cost for a brand new helmet is between $80 and $100. The daily rental fee averages out to $10. It doesn’t take much for buying a helmet to save you money in the long run.

West Virginia Ski Rentals

Here are some of the options where you can find equipment rentals while skiing West Virginia.

Ski Barn (5 locations)

Elk River Snowboard & Ski