West Virginia may not come immediately to mind when you think about skiing, but the Appalachian Mountains cut right through the heart of this state. Among the many resorts that are dotted across the Eastern half of West Virginia, Winterplace remains a local favorite. Still, you need a lift ticket to get on those slopes to see what all the fuss is about, and lift tickets can still get a little pricey. Not to worry, however. With our help, you’ll get great discount Winterplace lift tickets and save some cash along the way. Listed below are the walk-upĀ  window prices for the 2015-2016 season.

Don’t Pay That Window Price

Even though the window prices at Winterplace are only a fraction of the prices you find at the bigger resorts, you still shouldn’t pay the full walk-up price. There’s no reason to waste money, especially not when getting discount Winterplace lift tickets is so easy. Just remember that the walk-up price at the resort window is the highest price that you will ever pay for a lift ticket for Winterplace. There’s no limit to the number of lift tickets that the resort can sell, so with that unlimited supply, nobody else can scalp them.

Dodge that Partial Day Ticket

Winterplace handles partial day tickets a little differently. The resort is open until 10pm every day, so they have a twilight ticket that starts at 1pm and an evening ticket that starts at 5pm. The resort opens at 9am, so you might think that if you get there a couple of hours late, you can just get the twilight ticket, save a couple of bucks and you still get 9 hours of skiing. Well, yes, that is true, but unless you get to Winterhaven after the cutoff times, you should still spring for the more expensive ticket, and here’s why. You came to this resort to ski, not to stand around and wait for some magic hour. You aren’t a local, so your time isn’t unlimited at this resort. Buy the ticket that lets you ski now. However, with our help, you should already have discount Winterplace lift tickets in hand and not even worrying about half-day or walk-up pricing.

How to Save Money

The absolute best way to save money on your discount Winterplace lift tickets is to buy them in advance. Hop online and check with us for the best savings. Let us help you plan your vacation and get you the best deal on lift tickets for when you need them. We’re also consistently updating our information so you have all of the best discounts at your fingertips. After all, the more choices you have, the better your vacation is going to be.

Other Ways to Save

Unfortunately, sometimes Winterplace won’t have discount lift tickets for the dates you want to ski. If that happens, don’t worry. There are still other ways to save money on those lift tickets. One key way is to look for a ski-and-stay package. This is where Winterplace bundles in a discount lift ticket with your hotel room, saving you a little money on both of them. If you’re a college student or faculty member, you can also get a discount on the walk-up rate. The same holds true if you’re in the military or a veteran. While these savings aren’t as much as if you prepurchase your tickets with us, they’re still a way to keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket, which is always ideal.

While walkup is generally acceptable, I always change it to walk-up for these types of articles. Per research, I’ve noticed other ski articles use walk-up as well.