West Virginia lift tickets are an integral part of skiing in the Mountain State, but they can also become the most expensive part of the trip. Don’t let the price of these tickets keep you from enjoying the mountain slopes. With the West Virginia Ski Authority, you can quickly find the deals that make the most sense for your trip plans and then buy your tickets.

Listed below are for all four of the West Virginia ski resorts on their prices for ski passes. These prices are for the 2017-18 REGULAR SEASON. Prices fluctuate depending on your ski dates and the time of the season–even day-to-day–and thus the deals we have might be higher/lower than we have listed. These prices are listed for a normal day in January that is not a weekend or a holiday.

Ski Resort 1-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Ticket
Lift Ticket Deals
$126 N/A View Deals
$189 N/A View Deals
$156 N/A View Deals
$126 N/A View Deals

With this in mind, here are some basic tips of the trade for getting your lift tickets. Keep in mind that, if you are at the resort window, you’re going to pay the maximum that the ski area can charge. This is because they know that you just want to hit the powder and are willing to pay for the convenience.

That said, there’s no reason to pay full price if you don’t have to. With full-day adult pricing reaching up to $80 per person, trust us when we tell you that the savings can add up quickly. Over a week-long trip, 20% discount savings means you’ll save more than $100 on your trip planning costs.

More Tips for Saving Money

Again, the easiest way to save money on West Virginia lift tickets is to make sure you’re planning your trip well in advance. Most resorts presell lift tickets at deep discounts, but the quantities are limited and first come, first serve. As soon as you know your travel dates, get online and check with us to see what presale specials are available.

The second way to save money on lift tickets in West Virginia is to take advantage of any ski and stay packages. These bundles are collaborations between the ski area and the hotel to draw tourists who might choose to ski elsewhere. You end up with a hotel room and a lift ticket for an overall discounted price.

If your hotel doesn’t have a ski and stay package, talk to the front desk. The employees are usually locals who know how to get the best deals on things. They may even have coupons for lift tickets that resorts pass out to drum up spur of the moment business, or know how to save a few bucks on your lift tickets.

Find Your West Virginia Lift Tickets

We are constantly updating our information to bring you the pricing information and available deals for West Virginia lift tickets. Whether your dates are already set and you’re looking for competitive prices or you have schedule flexibility and you’re looking for steeper discounts, let us help you make the right decision for you and your group. After all, this is your time to relax and enjoy the powder, not worry about affordable access to the slopes.